Our aim initially, was to create an experimental short film to fit within either a music video or to be shown as part of an exhibition in a gallery. As the project progressed we decided to go with the music video idea as this seemed more fitting with the nature of the film. To incorporate illustration we wanted to paint a series of murals. We found a great place in south Devon in a WW2 bunker we could use to paint them but by the time we came to painting there the bunker had been used by cows making unsafe and unhygienic as a working space. The next option was to use boards from the studio to paint on. These murals would then be used as backgrounds in the film, each symbolising certain elements taken from ideas according to the kamasutra. We were looking at the coming together of man and woman, demonstrated as "The Congress Of Subsequent Love" to text and the three aims of life in relation to this. The three aims of life contain; Kama, Dharma and Artha. Kama representing sexual desire and procreation. Artha, material possessions and industry. Dharma which is virtue to enlightenment. The film was split into two sections, the first scene shows both male and female within there own individual murals. We each designed and painted one of these murals, one symbolising male and the other female. The second part of the film is where the two genders meet in a larger mural, which we painted together. The collaborative mural was used as a background in the film and represented Dharma and Artha. Kama, on the other hand was represented through the actual models in the film. As the film progressed and came to a climax we then brought in elements of body painting to help represent further ideas to do with Kama.
This is the development and final for Miles's individual painting based on the Male.
This is Bevin's development and final for the individual painting representing Female.
This is the development and final painting that we did together; both painting the middle, Miles painting the right hand side and Bevin painting the left hand side.
This is the final Film.
These are some photos of the making of this project
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