Autoscape is a collection of my recent Automatic drawings.
Each is a response to my immediate experience whether that is stimuli through the senses or from inner energies.
These drawings are an enquiry into the simple black line. The minimalism of it and the white space left between lets the mind fill it in. It takes representations and creates links between them, a story emerges from the surreal nature of the images.
They are a description of my mind-scape. Ever in flux and never quite defined, so is the experience of being.
When I draw each image I start immediately with ink, i do not use pencil or conceive of any particular image. Whatever mark is made must become part of the whole.
Autoscape - Light
Autoscape - Pyramid
Autoscape - Bonsai
Autoscape - Feather Duster
Auroscape - Kuso
Autoscape - Blocks
Autoscape Preacher
Autoscape - Swim
Autoscape - Continental Breakfast
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