Automatic Zen Painting . Pareidolic Music

This is the final stage of the stream of consciousness project. I focused my attention at the pareidolic / psychedelic aspect of music in relation to myself. The circle represents the "I", the creator, the viewer. These are the interpretations... This piece of was made to Stan Getz’s; Desafinado 1st piece was made while my friend Will / SPD who I have done E.P. covers for created an electronic track from the sounds that he could create in the room. 2nd piece was made to Poldore; Easy Living. 3rd piece was made to Glitch Mob’s; Dream within a dream 4th piece was also made while Will was making music but this time remixing a track. 5th piece was made to Eric Dolphy; Out to lunch. 6th piece was made to a piece by Moondog; 2 W 46th Street. 7th piece was made to Pink Floyd; Alan’s psychedelic breakfast

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